Martial Arts and Shooting Sports

If your knowledge of martial arts comes from the media and movies, well, think about people you meet whose knowledge of firearms and shooting comes from the same source. You can say many of the same things about both of them, because they are related.

* You will meet lots of interesting people you will be proud to be friends with.
* You will meet an occasional dud.
* There’ no magic about it. If you want get better at it, practice.
* It’s not the only answer. It’s just another tool in the chest.
* Keep it in perspective. It can be a great hobby, but don’t let it take over your life.
* Other people will be curious. You will have to answer questions, usually the same ones.
* People that know you and know you do this will form their opinions based on you. Like it or not, you are an ambassador for the sport.
* One day, for a few chaotic moments, it might be the most important thing you ever learned.


One thought on “Martial Arts and Shooting Sports

  1. Right on the money. The first thing I learned after earning my shodan in aikido was that there was no magical transformation. I still had to get back on the mat and train, and I was still perfectly capable of screwing up.

    That same lesson was driven home at my local steel match on Wednesday. Here I was feeling pretty good about my recent shooting, and I stunk up the place.

    Solid basics, continuous training. That's all there is.

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