More Than Yesterday

I don’t know how much I can get back. I’m 54. I don’t know exactly why I feel pulled to try. But I have decided to lose another 15 pounds and work on my cardiovascular fitness this year. I have an old road bike I haven’t ridden in years. Until today.

I didn’t go very far and I didn’t go very fast, but it was more than yesterday.

10 thoughts on “More Than Yesterday

  1. Good for you getting out there again.

    Due to health issues I haven't ridden in 11 years. I miss it.

    Nice 'retro' Trek. Early 80's?

  2. The frameset is a 1983 Trek 640. Campy Components were taken from an Austro Daimler of the same vintage. Except the modern Shimano pedals. They were installed this week.

  3. You work and work and work at keeping in shape. For whatever reason, you take a few days off. A few >days< , not even a week. And it's like you lost all that gain in 3 days and need to start over. We're “them” now… Hill? What hill?
    I don't remember any hill…

  4. All Campi Nuevo Record? That (or rather a Masi, or a Raleigh or… something with Reynolds 531…) was the nee-plus-ultra of my youth. But I had a lead-filled beast of a Schwinn Varsity until I finished college – no cars, they cost too much (so did the Masi). I got a lot of exercise riding up and down the hills of Santa Cruz, to class and to the f*ing grocery store and back with a back-pack of food – not too many dates on a bike…

  5. I expect you'll be doing the “Assault on Mt. Mitchell” next year, eh. πŸ™‚ You'll need lower gearing than what I see there.

    I was guessing early 80's Trek based on the exposed brake cables, style of paint and decals on the frame and not by the pedals figuring you'd upgraded those.

    BTW, how tall are you? That looks to be a fairly tall frame.

  6. I'm 6 foot. The frame is a size too big. I bought it out of the car stock of the Trek rep that used to come into the bike shop for cheap because it was 2 years old and had some dings in the paint. It's a 25 in. frame, I should have a 23.

  7. You must be tall, dude. Or have a really long inseam. Or never get off the seat. That frame looks enormous.

    You should see my bike for comparison. And I'm 6'.

  8. Hey, I'm 52 and did a Century in June. You can do this and you'll be surprised how far you go and how much easier it gets. Advice from a recovering meathead. Don't overthink it or get discouraged just get out and ride. And keep a journal. It's amazing how quickly the miles add up and it's a great motivator.

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