Starting a New Blog

As some of you know, I study a martial art. The head of my dojo has asked me to own a website and monitor a Facebook page for our local organization. It is going to be hard to maintain any anonymity and accomplish this task. So hello world. My name is Mark Harrington, also known as ASM826.

The new blog is Aikido Arnis of Farmville. The first couple of posts are up and it is live. I will be continuing to blog here as well, as this site is my personal blog, and I can put up whatever seems appropriate.

The Facebook group is also called Aikido Arnis of Farmville. All of this is an outcome of my recent attendance at the annual organizational summer camp, held every June in Cheraw, S.C. Approximately 80 people from dojos all over the U.S. attended. A slide show of my pictures from the event can be viewed here.

The style of Aikido I am studying is called Suenaka-ha Tetsugaku-ho Aikido. There is much to say about it, even though I am a novice, and some things will be cross posted at both sites. If you as my readers will indulge me as these changes in the sites occur, I promise better posts and pictures as this develops. I have always seen shooting as a martial art, and now as I improve in and explore Aikido, I feel my shooting is improving because of what I am learning.

The journey continues.


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