A Lesson

If you, by any means and for any reason, depress the trigger while sweeping yourself, this is the outcome.

Any tactics or equipment that cause you to shoot yourself should probably be reconsidered.


4 thoughts on “A Lesson

  1. I have one of those holsters for concealed carry of my full size 1911, and have never been in any danger of my finger going into the trigger guard of my gun while I draw it.

    Then again, my hands are so small that it's easier to lay my trigger finger along the frame as I draw it than reach for the trigger until I'm ready to shoot. And I'm so curvy that the safety is pressed into my hip until I get the gun out and away from my body.

    I'm less worried about me carrying that holster than I am about my *husband* trying to carry it.

  2. That'll get your attention.
    Also shows that even with a .45, non lethal hits may not put down, or even slow significantly, a bad guy intent on doing harm. True, something better than a FMJ round would likely have hurt a hell of a lot more, with potentially serious consequences for him or that knee joint, but center of mass hits or head shots remain the standard.
    Of course one should never get into the habit of shooting ones self, or letting others use you as targets.

  3. I think this was more an issue of his switching between vastly different gun / holster combos between runs than anything else. Some are blaming the Serpa, but I don't really see that as the problem.

    Glad he survived it with minimal injury. That could've been a LOT worse.

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