The World Is Not Your Ashtray

In keeping with Miasmi’s series on driver’s behavior, the world is not your ashtray. I see it almost every day. I’m sitting in a line of cars at a light and the driver in front of me is smoking. The window is open and when they aren’t puffing, they are holding the cigarette out the window. That’s the giveaway.

They flick the ashes out the window, and then, as they finish it, they flick the cigarette out the window too. It’s only a minor crime, just littering, but it displays a contempt for law and the common courtesy that is the glue that holds a society together.

If I was making laws, people who were cited for throwing a cigarette out of their car would have to eat a cigarette butt in addition to any currently imposed fines. Having pro-environmental bumper stickers on your car while littering would be considered an aggravating circumstance and punishments would be doubled for hypocrisy.

Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth.
–John McConnell


4 thoughts on “The World Is Not Your Ashtray

  1. Here that's a serious fire danger and will lead to a ($$) ticket for sure.
    Isn't it too hot and humid to smoke in Florida anyhow?

  2. My friends who were (or are) smokers were always lawful and considerate. Ask before smoking in my presence, and never in my home. AND, field-stripping the butts outside, upon completion. That's only right.
    I asked one, once, why do people in the 'smoking culture' think it's okay to do that? He said, it's a carry over from when cigarettes had no filters, they were biodegradable.
    How long has that been, 70 years? I'm not normally passive-aggressive, but throwing flaming papers into their yards might be an appropriate response (?)

  3. Too many years in the military, I STILL field strip butts, and in the car I use an ashtray! Of note, a lot of new cars don't even come with ashtrays anymore!!!

  4. Definitely a fire hazard. I've had a lit cigarette land on my car hood in moving traffic. As luck would have it, it landed in a negative pressure bubble and just wobbled around for a while. It finally blew off, but not before it put a nice scorch mark in my clear coat. Such consideration.

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