Limited Kinetic Operation

It’s good to remember that engaging in a limited kinetic operation leads to kinetically disassembled buildings and people. When the Nazis did it to the British, it was war. If it was being done to us, we would think it was a war. Pretending it’s not a war seems to be working for the White House, though. What if Pr. Bush had tried to claim he was not in a war when U.S. aircraft were engaged in bombing strikes? Would the press have gone along with him? Why does Pr. Obama get a pass? Is there any free press left or have all of them slurped the kool-aid?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be taking out Libya, or Yemen, or Iraq. I’m saying Congress should declare war, we should have some goals, and that replacing one dictatorship with another isn’t one of them. Figure out what victory is, achieve it, and impose a lasting peace. What we’re doing now is just wearing out our troops and equipment with no end in sight.

And a free press? Willing to study and understand the politics both at home and abroad? They could have a role to play in framing the national discussion, instead of just keeping us up to date on Anthony Wiener. The first thing they could investigate is what ties all our enemies together and what the enemy goals are.

Freedom of the press, or, to be more precise, the benefit of freedom of the press, belongs to everyone – to the citizen as well as the publisher… The crux is not the publisher’s freedom to print; it is, rather, the citizen’s right to know. –Arthur Sulzburger


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