Inside the Perimeter

So the man arrested at the Pentagon today? You guessed it. Had to hunt for it, though, it was almost like it wasn’t important, or most reporters didn’t want to bring it up.

Pisses me off that he took the oath and wore the uniform of an United States Marine. He stood up and said the words just like every recruit. His allegiance was elsewhere. If he is guilty, this is treason.

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.
–African Proverb


5 thoughts on “Inside the Perimeter

  1. You can take the Muslim out of the madrassa, but you can't take the madrassa out of the Muslim.

  2. You absolutely hit the nail on the head. What would happen to all the home-grown extremists if we started charging them with treason and performed a few executions?

  3. Muslims are permitted to join infidel armies if their ultimate purpose is to glorify allah (cursed be his name, i spit in his face before he throws me in hell) or advance jihad against the kaffir.



  4. So…he hates DC weather and wants to spend a sunny summer in Guantanamo? Pull all the interesting information out of him first, via his teeth and then work down.

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