Change at Parris Island

Parris Island is getting a new Base Commander. For the first time, it will be a female. Brig. Gen. Loretta Reynolds takes command today. She has a lot of experience, including the being the first female Marine to command a base in a combat zone.

There’s one thing I’d bet money on as this change takes place. The only thing the recruits will notice is a different name to memorize in their chain-of-command.

Sir! The Commanding General for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island is Brigadier General Loretta Reynolds! Sir!
–Many unnamed recruits, later today, tomorrow, and in the weeks to come.


3 thoughts on “Change at Parris Island

  1. Reciting Orders To the Sentry, Code of Conduct, and Chain of Command were part of our NBC training at the gas chamber in Orlando when I was boot camp, myself. Sadly that base is closed now, the sailors on liberty at Walt Disney World in their dress uniforms were a good public relations coup for the Navy (I speak from experience when I say that pretty tourist girls love getting their pictures taken with sailors).

  2. When we attended (now) Cpl. TR's graduation in Nov 2008, there was a female commander at San Diego.

    My impression of her — she was short.

    Marine all the way but short.

    Of course, I'm 6'2″ so I tend to notice height. 🙂

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