How I Became a Gun Nut, Part III

Jennifer asked the question, “But whether I’ve met you or not, I want to know your story. The vast majority of my readers are firearms enthusiasts of some stripe. How did that happen? How did you become gunnies?”

This is Part III of my answer. After the Marine Corps, married with young children, there was neither time or money for too much shooting. I had one gun, a Browning Auto-5, and a few times a year I would get to shoot sporting clays. When the Boy Scouts went to the range, I was always there as a leader and would look for opportunities to get some trigger time after the Scouts had finished. But it was sporadic at best.

Fast forward some years and the older kids had moved on and my youngest son had lost interest in Scouting. Looking for an activity he would enjoy, I joined the local gun club. I bought an AR-15, thinking rifle shooting would be my primary activity. An old friend loaned me a bolt action .22. Since I already had the shotgun, I felt well equipped for shooting sports.

This is the point where the latent infection I had been carrying since childhood kicked in. My son and I would go out on week-ends, hook up with some of more knowledgeable shooters, get some coaching, work on shooting for practice. He and I started shooting Garand matches.

I got pushed to try a action pistol match. Okay… I borrowed a pistol and a holster and gave it a try. Bought a Glock the next week. Then I bought a 1911. Bought a safe to store them in. It became our shared activity. A little here, a little there, because you don’t just need the weapons, you need ammo, magazines, range bags, cleaning supplies, a spotting scope, it grew into a full blown hobby.

My club is mostly rifle/pistol. Not too much shotgun, but we do have one trap range and that still feels like where this started. So there is some of that, too. My son is in the Marine Corps himself now, and gone on deployment. I try to keep things in balance, but I get to the range several times a month. It’s easier in the summer because you can shoot until dark.

I’ll wrap this up with one more post and some observations tomorrow.

All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.
–Daniel Boone


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  1. It must be nice to have kids that keep you in the game, without them I struggle. My club is rifle and kinda acts like nothing else exists.

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