Standing with Breda

Breda put up a post detailing her distaste for what she called “Gunbunnies” at a recent shoot. Whether I fully agree with her on this topic is now immaterial. In what I expect was a response to that post, another blogger put up a post with a title that Breda found offensive. She asked him to change the title or take it down. So far, no response. Here’s her post on the topic.

My reading of the Bill of Rights would be that you do have the right to say offensive things. You also have responsibilities for what you choose to say and you own the the consequences of your words, too. A direct appeal to the vendors that are advertising on the sidebars of this post might get a response. It might not. We don’t have any control over the actions of others. In this case, what we control is what blogs we visit, our own blogrolls, and who we choose to buy products from.

Responsibility is the price of greatness.
–Winston Churchill


3 thoughts on “Standing with Breda

  1. I don't think the post in question was a response to her “gunbunnies” post.

    It was offensive and classless though. Cheap trolling for hits and totally lacking all common decency. The guy really made an ass of himself through his subsequent behavior after posting what he did.

  2. Even worse was this alpha-hotel's response to Breda and the “nah nah nah in your face–if you act like an adult, I'll consider it” tone he used.

    As I wrote on my own blog, if Gunmart would've done this to my wife or daughter, I would've hung an ass-whipping on him.

    Agree with NFO. He's a total, 100% ass.

    And the gun world needs to know it.


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