Found at the Library

Last night after work I went to the library. I was specifically looking for more information about D-Day and went to see what books they had. I found a couple and checked them out, hoping to get a better understanding of the events of that day.

By the doors the librarians maintain a stand of used books and magazines. Some come from the library and some are donated, but books are a dollar and magazines are 10 cents. On the shelves were 48 National Geographics, the earliest one was 1938, the latest in 1945. 10 cents apiece. I bought them all.

When I got home, I picked one at random. March 1945. Looked at the ads, read the articles. It isn’t just the subject matter, it’s the point of view. The writers were patriotic, servicemen were heroes, America was the greatest country in history, victory was coming.

I remember that country. I lived there when I was a boy.

History, history! We fools, what do we know or care?
–William Carlos Williams


6 thoughts on “Found at the Library

  1. I understand that it is the nature of things to change. But I no longer recognize the land formerly known as the United States of America.

  2. Agreed, I remember those NGs as 'prime' reading growing up. My Aunt and Uncle had about 25 years worth of both them and Life Magazines! And today is NOT like those days by any stretch of the imagination!

  3. I remember that country. I lived there when I was a boy.

    Those 12 words are very thought provoking, and definately hit home.

    It must be amazing to read thru the magazines from a by gone era. Good for you for buying all of them.

  4. “I remember that country…”

    That's why Paul Tibbets wrote shortly before his death that “I can't talk to anyone under 80 anymore.”

    So very true–and so very sad..

    (PS: apologies–I don't get over here nearly often enough..)

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