Normandy, Omaha Beach

First wave at Omaha Beach, from the Atlantic Magazine. This ought to be viral, read by millions today. Edge, give this link to your intern.

In everything that has been written about Omaha until now, there is less blood and iron than in the original field notes covering any battalion landing in the first wave. Doubt it? Then let’s follow along with Able and Baker companies, 116th Infantry, 29th Division.
–S. L. A. Marshall


3 thoughts on “Normandy, Omaha Beach

  1. Thanks ASM826,

    Though, I wonder if this will even help. I'm afraid to ask her simple questions like “Do you know what war this was?” or “Do you know who we were fighting?”

    I talked to someone else in my office who is in his 50's and even he couldn't tell me what happened June 6th, 1944.

    I'm 36. I guess I'm blessed to have parents and grandparents that took the time to discuss these things when I was a kid.

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