.22 Challenge Update

Ye Old Furt left me the following message:

You may want to double check the iron sights rating.

I went back through my email and the very first target I received was the one posted below. I assumed (once again, a very bad thing to do) that he was using a scoped rifle, although I had no reason to think so. I am waiting for a reply to my email verifying the sights on his Marlin 60 are irons. If so, Mr. B. has been edged out in the iron sights and this will be the winning target in the iron sight category.

My apologies to everyone, especially to YeOldFurt, Pickdog and Mr. B.
Update: YeOldFurt wins the iron sights. I fail at keeping up with submitted targets by category. Final (I hope) results now posted in the sidebar.
Update 2: *sigh* Got an email from Pickdog. His target was shot with iron sights, I made the same assumption I made with YeOldFurt. Wrong again I was. This fail just grows. One thing I learned is why the form for Garand Matches has so much information on it. Pickdog posted a 14. Just keep pointing out your targets. My embarrassment grows.


6 thoughts on “.22 Challenge Update

  1. Congratulations to Mr. B!!! I now have a “very frugal” scope and am looking forward to the next set.

  2. Pickdog, my friend,
    You take the cake, I didn't even get to lick the icing. Mr. B got the ice cream AND the cake.
    w/v – sumses ( I can't sumses the numbers either)

  3. To both YOF and Pickdog:

    Those are some VERY nice targets.

    We will have to go shooting sometime?

  4. Mr. B,
    I'd be honored to shoot with you, though I'd rather use a 40X or Anshutz. I think the Marlin 60 is a little light for off-hand target work.

  5. Thanky for the invite. And thank you to ASM again. We do need to get together and burn some gun powder! At my age, I need a nice bench and optics to even look slightly proficient. LOL


    btw – Austin gun show Fathers Day weekend at the Travis County Fair Grounds. 😉

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