June 6th

For as long as there are people to remember, June 6th will be associated with the Allied landings at Normandy. We look back at it as history and the outcome seems foregone. It was not. It was a terrible risk and it could have failed.

As it turned out, the Allies prevailed. Still, that day filled cemeteries with the bodies of young men. The only thing we can do is remember.

Every man who set foot on Omaha Beach that day was a hero.
–Gen. Omar Bradley


2 thoughts on “June 6th

  1. I just had a very disturbing conversation with my intern.

    I simply asked her what today was.

    “June 5th?”

    I said “I think today is the 6th, do you know what happened on this day?”

    “Wait I know this…Tetris was created, right?”

    “Well, maybe I guess but something else happened too. Something…historical.”

    “The North beat the South?”


    “Pearl Harbor?”

    “No, but it's the right war.”

    She couldn't give me an answer.

    “D-Day,” I said.

    “What's that?”

    I explained to her what happened on this day and her eyes just seemed to glaze over.

    I told her to ask her dad about it, but I wonder if he knows.

    Truly, truly sad.

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