Closing Out the .22 Challenge

And challenging it was. Humbling, even. I sure shoot better in my memory than I do when I’m standing there with a rifle in my hands watching the the crosshairs dance around and wondering how this got so hard all of a sudden.

I got a couple of submissions yesterday. Pickdog posted a 14. His hits on the lower left target are impressive.

Murphy’s Law sent in a target where he posted a 9 with a 2 shot handicap, having only 23 rounds left when he started shooting.

And now without further ado (insert drumroll) our winner, in both the scoped and iron sights,
is Mr. B. who blogs at In the Middle of the Right. He posted a 23 with a 10-22 and a 3X9 scope, and his target is a thing of beauty.

He also posted a 10 with a J.C. Higgins and iron sights. I went back through all the submissions and I think that wins the irons, too. If you shot better than a 10 and were not using a scope, I missed that fact, so email me or leave a comment and I will apologize and update.

This concludes the first RAoP e-postal match. The comment I saw repeated over and over was “Hey, it was great practice to get out there with a .22 and shoot offhand, even if I didn’t post a great target.” That captures my feelings about this as well. My best score being a 12, this taught me I need to get to the range more, and get off the bench. I bought a brick of Wolf Target Match .22 ammo yesterday, and I intend to use it in the coming weeks.

There will be another challenge soon, and comments to this post are open to receive your suggestions for what it should be. Remember that we want the broadest possible participation, and that some people have limited or restrictive ranges. Thanks again to Lucky Gunner for offering free targets on their site.

Pick up a rifle and you change instantly from a subject to a citizen.
–Jeff Cooper


3 thoughts on “Closing Out the .22 Challenge

  1. Thanks again for putting on this shoot. We had a lot of fun and it was indeed eye opening.

    After rifle maybe pistol? Revolvers at say 15 yards. Either 2divisions (high/low power, Pistol/revolver) or keep it simple and just run what you brung. Timed, slow fire will keep most range masters happy.

  2. It was indeed great fun! I agree with going to pistol next (the fact that I just got back from 3 days at Blackwater shooting a pistol has nothing to do with it)!

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