Report from an ER Doc in Joplin

Here’s a post by a doctor on duty in Joplin at the hospital that took a direct hit from the F5 tornado. This is training put to use in a situation that could not have been imagined. Hat Tip to Dr. Grumpy.

…immediately, and thankfully, my years of training in emergency procedures kicked in. There was no power, but our mental generators were up and running, and on high test adrenaline. We had no cell phone service in the first hour, so we were not even able to call for help…
–Dr. Kevin Kikta, St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Joplin, MO

3 thoughts on “Report from an ER Doc in Joplin

  1. Except for the large cities (which attract the vermin that prefer to sit on their @$$es and collect welfare), most places between the Rockies and the Appalachians is packed with such Americans. Joplin is just the most recent example of such.

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