.22 Challenge Update and the Value of Practice

Six and Lu sent me their targets, posting an 8 and a 2. Since they posted them, here’s a link to their pictures and the write-up. I agree, the only way this would have been better would have been to have had everyone together for an afternoon.

Almost everyone has commented that the need for more shooting practice is what they learned from this challenge. Shooting offhand is hard and the results are so dismal that we don’t do much of it. But the chance to shoot our .22s, to face small targets, to make multiple attempts over a month, and to do so in a competitive, but friendly atmosphere has improved my shooting.

Now my personal best was a 12. Not going to win our little match with that. But I went to a Garand Match this morning. It’s a truism that you have to shoot high scores in the prone and rapid strings, but you win and lose a Garand Match on the offhand string. Mine was better than usual. I attribute it to the practice with the .22 rifle.

Thanks to all of you for participating, and remember you have one more day to get out and shoot this match. I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

One hundred misses per minute is not firepower. One hit per minute is.
–Jeff Cooper


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  1. I went out to the range this afternoon, just to find it closed for a special event. But I'll have you a target tomorrow, even if it does suck.

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