Mitt Romney, SORC

Mitt Romney has declared his candidacy of the Republican nomination. Fine. I declare my opposition to that candidacy. Romney will be more politics as usual. Romney will be for big government. Romney will tweak Obamacare and call it all better. Romney will reach across the aisle and give the Democrats what they want in the name of bipartisanship. Romney’s the one that set up the national model for socialized communist health care in Massachusetts. Romney’s record on the 2nd Amendment will not pass muster.

It would be better to let the Democrats win again and work to elect a 3rd party candidate, even if we lose, than to go further down the path with the Same Old Republican Crap. SORC™ is my own acronyn for what we have had to choose from in the last several elections. It got us Dole, Bush Jr., and McCain. Honestly, they may have slowed the rate of decline, but that’s not enough anymore.

If you’re willing to vote for SORC™, on the grounds that it’s better than Obama, you’re willing to say that it’s okay to run the country off the economic cliff as long as we don’t go too fast. I’m not willing to do that. Better to refuse to support them, to leave them wondering how they were beaten so badly, and to at least race on down the road to ruin with the Democrats at the wheel.

Are right and wrong convertible terms, dependent upon popular opinion?
–William Lloyd Garrison