.22 Challenge Updates

First, to answer a question, submit as many targets as you like, in both categories.

Mr. B. at In The Middle Of The Right posts his targets, scoped and un-scoped. He stands up the new lead with a 23 (scoped). He also sets the bar un-scoped with a 10. He joins the blogroll. Both his targets and his observations can be found on his blog. The target posted here is the current leader.

Shy Wolf at Wolf Tracks offered his frustration, but not a target. Asked me to let Ye Old Furt know that his current plan involved whittling a pencil down to .22 and seeing how well he could stab a score. Also joining the blogroll.

JP 5.56 at Eyes Never Closed
had a good day at the range, but battled the wind and only offered a glimpse of his target.

Hat Trick scored an 8 and made a comment I agree with. When you put full effort into this, it is mentally draining. He also suggested a scoring change, but since it’s clear that there will be future challenges, I’m not going to change the scoring system for this one. His might have been a better idea, but too many targets are already in to change it now.

Ye Old Furt at Old Lightning is still practicing and now has HB, his wife, wanting to take her single shot .22 out and give it a try.

UPDATES: Keads at Another Day….Another puts up a teaser of the rifles he will be shooting tomorrow.

Six and Lu went shooting. Pictures not just of the .22 challenge, but a Blackhawk and a Vaquero in action as well.


6 thoughts on “.22 Challenge Updates

  1. It is tomorrow or nothing for me for this. I will be at a range next weekend but with a bit different purpose. I first tried this. Love the Rifle, but I must accept the Mk1 Mod 0 eyeballs are not all that any more.

    So now tomorrowthis.

  2. Lu and I went out for a little practice. I posted one target but it's pretty clear Lu and I are both going to have to do better. Still, we had a ball. This is fun.

  3. Practicing as well. Results not impressive at this time.

    You're sure this is “standing off-hand” at 25 YARDS, and no benching or otherwise resting the rifle, right?

  4. 25 Yards. Not that I can do it, but I have seen it done and know it to be possible. It is not holding the rifle still, it is following the movement and pulling the trigger when you perceive the sight picture is correct.

  5. I made another attempt over the weekend. Improved to 10 pts. Was using a 6-24X scope I borrowed from my AR. Impossible to use full magnification at 25 yds so I dialed it back to 10X.

    Will be making another try Wed. night after my Bullseye pistol league with the 4X scope that came with the rifle.

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