Thursday Afternoon

You don’t realize just how mentally challenging offhand shooting is until you get up there and try it.

At the range. Three of us. Sody, Nitram, and me. I tried the challenge again, and quit after 15 shots, having a score of 5 at that point. Sody tried it. Managed a 6. Then Nitram took the stage. With a Marlin 60 and a scope, he put on an impressive performance.

Me? I contented myself shooting off the bench at pine cones at the base of the berm. I’ll try the challenge again over the weekend.

I’m starting to look for targets and scores to come in. There must be a small bore shooter out there who is going to break 20.

Here’s today’s quote in video format:


2 thoughts on “Thursday Afternoon

  1. I spent Friday evening at the gun club with a friend who wants to try our .22 match (200 yds, prone, w/sling, A-21 target)next Sunday. After we got him landing in the black at 200 yds and ran out of light we moved into the indoor range and started practice on the postal match targets. My best effort scored 8 pts out of a “possible” 50. I put a supreme effort into five shots on one bull and landed them all within an inch of center and decided to quit because I was spent and it was already past my bedtime. Only one of those five scored. Going to get out and give it another try tomorrow.

    I just had an idea. How about we count the four squares around the bullseye as a 1/2 point and allow those who've already submitted targets to rescore?

  2. Break 20? ROFLMBO- I'm going to be lucky to break 1… YOF asked where I am, but blogger won't let me post on his site, so here I is- looking foolish.
    Just tell Ye that I'm trying to get this pencil whittled to .22 size so I can punch some holes in the target that look better than his.
    Name withheld by request.

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