Looking Back at 100,000

I didn’t have a tracker for the first several months, but I didn’t have any readers then, either. I’ve put up 1100+ posts. Sometime today or tomorrow the site will top 100,000 views. Here’s my third post from July 2008. It’s the first one that was personal, and it reads pretty well.

That recruit is now a Lance Corporal, serving as a gunner on an MRAP on convoy duty out of Camp Leatherneck. He sent me some pictures and we got to chat yesterday when he was at the USO. Here’s one he took recently.

So for now, I’ll keep doing this, it’s been rewarding, and I’ve made some new friends. Thanks for being my readers, for coming back day after day and for your thoughts shared by comments and email.

…if you think the United States is still the greatest country on the planet, the Constitution means what the words say on the parchment, words like honor, freedom, commitment, and sacrifice stir you, the flag waving as the National Anthem is played brings you to your feet, and the Marine Corps Hymn still gives you goosebumps, bookmark this page and come back.
–ASM826, from the first post on Random Acts of Patriotism, July 2nd, 2008


7 thoughts on “Looking Back at 100,000

  1. Congratulations! I come to your blog for the very reasons you cite—Thank you for your service! I appreciate the message and your continued honoring of the oath you once took.

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