From Sody

Sody posts a 6.

UPDATE: Or possibly an 8 or 9, if it’s 2 points for a bull.

In the previous target several people have pointed out that the upper right target clearly has 4 hits, making Y.O. Furt’s score a 12. I didn’t score it, but I tend to agree. If Furt would like to review his math, I will update his score accordingly. Also, remember, in the original rules, for good or bad, a hit in the white bull is 2 points.


3 thoughts on “From Sody

  1. It looks like that's two hits (one white, one black) in the lower left, and a just-barely black in the lower right, so that's a 7 to my eyes.

  2. OK, so I'm a little cross-eyed and math challenged. I'll take it, but I hope to do better when the scope comes in. And Robert is right to how I see on this target too.

  3. Now we done it! HB (the wife) wants to try it this Saturday with her Dad's single shot!

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