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This technique comes from the CMP Garand Match. Say you are right on the line. You look at it, your scoring partner looks at it. The match director looks at it. Usually, if it takes all that, I say give them the point. But in cases where no one is sure, you take an unfired round, or a specially made plug in the correct caliber, and insert it in the hole. That reshapes the hole to the full diameter and removes any doubt.

In this case, I used an unfired .22 round. When inserted, it clearly shows this as cutting into the line of the scored area. If you have doubts about a hit/miss decision, try this. It usually makes the decision clear.

I got to the range late this afternoon. Practiced a while, then shot one target. 11 hits in the black, counting the one you see in the picture. The groups are at least clustered around the centers, sort of. Certainly better than yesterday. If I can, I’m going to try again next weekend. How are your efforts coming? Let me have some preliminary reports.

Practice is the best of all instructors.
–Publilius Syrus


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  1. When I was Rangemaster of my department a few years back, my predecessor insisted on firing handguns from the 50. All the stats I could find, particularly on my own department, indicated that most rounds fired and/or exchanged between deputies and suspects occurred AT MOST 30' away. A large number of them occurred within 7 to 10 FEET.

    My quals, therefore, started at the 10 yard line and only moved IN. The closer you got, the less time you got for the series. I began to emphasize smoothness, grip, gun-handling. I left after three years to EVOC. We're now shooting our quals at the 25 both kneeling and barricade. Heavy sigh.


  2. That's the way one scores at an Appleseed event. All holes are scored at .30 caliber, so if you're using a .22, you might get a little help in your score.
    The cartridge test is the best field-expedient method for scoring.

  3. My most recent effort was 12 pts with 2 bulls. Marlin M60 with open sights, no sling. Then the front sight came loose. I've got to tighten every thing up and try again. Maybe use a scope next time? I'm still not satisfied enough to send in for record yet.

  4. In a couple of words, really bad. I started with this.

    Tried this weekend with the Ruger 10/22 with a new optic 2X mag Red dot. Did not get it sighted in. Mounting rail came loose. Sigh….

    I also will not be here the final weekend. Going to Blackwater for a 3 day pistol class followed with a one day 1911 Armorer class.

    I am running out of time! Its next weekend for me or nothing!

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