Who Thought This Up?

If this wasn’t a family blog, I’d cuss this target. I’m not sure that centering up with a a round of #4 buckshot wouldn’t have given me similar results. Anyway, here’s my first target. No sling. I score it 6 out of a possible 25.

Hope to get out again tomorrow afternoon.

Shooting stuff is fun
–Old Painless, Box O’Truth


6 thoughts on “Who Thought This Up?

  1. Look's like you hit the staple in the upper left corner. Done that before too.

    You didn't state the power of the scope you used. I'm thinking of hanging a higher power scope on my rifle than the 4X that came on it.

    I was figuring on practicing until I could land every shot in the center but I don't think I'll manage to achieve that level of precision before the deadline. šŸ™‚

  2. I tried it out the other day and wondered if I'd misread “25 feet” as “25 yards.” Unfortunately, it was yards, and I didn't have enough time to practice any more.

    Those are very very small black dots at 25 yards…

  3. Yeah, I kin sympathize. Ain't this fun?? It's why I ain't sent any targets in yet, but I'm still working on it.

  4. Lemonade from lemons?
    Now you have an excuse to spend more time at the range (and I doubt I'd do that well right now)

  5. Yeah it is humbling! Trying to sight in a 2X red dot today on the Ruger 10/22. Sigh… Halfway through the box of hundred rounds, the rail became loose. Sigh… Try again tomorrow!

  6. I can sympathize I shoot with people who play “dots”. Basically that 1″ bulls-eyes at 7 yards with pistols. Basically everyone gets one shot at the dot in turn and winner goes first on the next one. Repeat a lot.

    It's one of those things that is so maddening because it seems like it should be easy. It doesn't help that most everyone else is far more experienced at shooting.

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