A New Blog and a Story

Story first. I have had a number of jobs along the way. Several years ago I was working as a support tech in a department that did videoconferencing, integrated classrooms and conference rooms, digital media, and the like. Money came along and a major research project was undertaken. To run the project, the department hired an engineer.

The engineer had worked on NASA projects, including one that he shared a patent on. His equipment had flown on the Shuttle. He was (and is) as Borepatch would say, wicked smaaat. He was also fun to work with.

So, one day, we find ourselves in the middle of a muddy soybean field at the base of a cell tower, hooking a laptop into a switch to make some configuration changes. It’s sunny, the screen is barely visible, I’m making edits to the running config. He picks up the laptop, and holds it so I can stand in the shade of the equipment enclosure to see to work. While I’m typing I start to laugh.

He asks, “What’s funny?”

I reply, “How many guys do you know that have a NASA engineer for a laptop stand?”

We became friends, and not just at work. We’ve been canoe camping together several times. We’ve gone to the range. He’s got young kids, a lovely wife that tolerates him for some reason, and a dog with really bad breath.

He moved to Florida, and we haven’t seen each other in a while. Occasional email and pictures. He’s been reading this blog, and decided to start one of his own. His Hello World post is still on the front page. It smells like new blog, doesn’t have a cohesive theme, and I know he’s writing it on a Mac. Take a look. I’m going to blogroll it just to see where it goes.

The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.
–Abraham Lincoln


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