The Jewish Question

The Germans asked it in the 1930s and made a serious attempt to answer it in the 1940s. Following that, in response to the unimaginable horrors committed against the Jews in Europe, the world responded by creating a country. A tiny country. Smaller than New Hampshire in land mass, with about 5.3 million Jews currently living there. Surrounded by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

There are new governments forming in the Mid-East, not the least of which will be in Egypt. Fatah is planning to petition the U.N. for Palestinian statehood in September and to have Israel treated as an apartheid country. They are rephrasing the old question one more time.

Yesterday, hundreds of young Arabs were sent to attack Israel’s borders. It is an opening move in another type of warfare. The Arab states are watching the reaction of other countries, as well as Israel’s response. We can stand by, but our turn will be next.

When terror comes, they will seek peace, but there will be none.
Ezekiel 7:25


One thought on “The Jewish Question

  1. I find it so enlightening that Obama helped pushed out our ally in Egypt who was pro-peace with Israel, but is very quiet with this jerk in Syria who has killed many of his own peoplands who is an ally with Iran and very anti-Israel.

    That alone should tell you all you need to know about Obama's intention towards Israel. He will sacrifice the Jews in the ends to please his Muslim friends.

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