A Question for the Shooters

Robert Slaughter asks a question:

Sling allowed or not with offhand?

I pose it to the shooters. What say you? Sling or no sling? Leave a comment.

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7 thoughts on “A Question for the Shooters

  1. My thinking is that offhand means unsupported, no slings attached (pardon the pun). Of course, the alternative would be to split things into sling/no sling categories. However, the better question to address is the intent of the competition. What type of scenario is the shooting intended to mimic? Is it intended to simulate a shot at a rabbit during a wood walk? If it's intended to mimic a scenario where your ass is in a sling would you really have time to put your arm in a sling to get your ass out of a sling with a steady shot.

  2. I'm OK either way, just was curious, as someone's comments on another thread made me think it meant no sling.

    And I like Shepherd's approach to the question — what 'simulation', if any, is being demonstrated.

    And it has gotten me out to go shooting, so that's a win! 🙂

  3. I'm w/Murphy here; the sling adds a whole 'nuther dimension of steadiness to the shooter.

    wv: “inswat” you can't be inswat if you don't use a sling

  4. Oh, my apologies. I missed the context of the question. If you mean “use it for the 25M .22 shoot, then no.

    In Highpower/CMP matches, the standing off-hand stage is always shot unsupported, with the sling either cinched up all the way or off the rifle completely. Can't use it.

    Should be the same for the .22 match, both for that reason and to be fair to those who do not have proper slings set-up on their .22s, because it does give a powerful advantage to the shooter who has one installed and knows how to use it.

  5. At my club shooting NRA high-power slings are not allowed offhand. Personally I think they only help a little, since the only real brace against the firmament are two feet some five or six feet distant, on wobbly ankles with spindly legs and lots of stretchy (and fatty) stuff in-between.
    But it can and doers add some tension that helps, like the push-pull Isometric tension of a Weaver or isosceles stance instead of the pretend support of the “tea-cup” hold.
    Shooting from prone a sling is devastating.

  6. LOL, DT- 'inswat'…
    No sling, IMO: 'off hand' means as you'd grab and shoot while walking or, as you mention, wand'ring the bush after skwerrels.
    BUT, I use a different version of the 'hasty sling', is that ok?
    Seeryus- I can go either way, even if I won't be inswat…
    Shy III
    WV: 'punsit'… hence the goofy werds spelt.

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