.22 Challenge Q&A

Hat Trick asked the following:

I spotted a barely used Thompson Center R-55 Classic at a local pawnshop and this match tipped the scale to deciding to buy it.
Now I’d like to ask for some clarification to make sure I’m understanding correctly.
Standing, no sling. correct?
5 shots per bullseye so 25 shots on one piece of paper. Correct?

Yes, you are correct. Along with the rest of the guidelines posted here.

It put a smile on my face to know someone got a new rifle because of this. It makes me want to do the Kim Du Toit happy dance.

The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.
— A. E. van Vogt (from the Novel “The Weapon Shops of Isher”)


6 thoughts on “.22 Challenge Q&A

  1. My first attempt was today….and it ain't goin' no where. I WILL keep trying tho.

  2. My first chance will be next Saturday. I expect it to be terrible. I got this particular distance and position from the new CMP sporter match. It ends with a no-sling offhand 25 yard string. Separates the field, it does.

  3. Question —
    Do we score center of bullet hole or highest/lowest ring?

  4. Glad to provide a smile. I was also thinking of using this rifle for an Appleseed when I get the chance.

    I got the R-55 Sporter to the range to check the scope zero. I'm very happy with it. Shoots 1/4″ groups @ 25 yds with Federal bulk ammo with frequent fliers (about 3/10) that I attribute to the variability in the ammo. Figure it will shoot amazingly well with higher grade target ammo.

    Forgot to take the targets so I'll have to practice and try for score another time.

    +1 on YeOldFurt's question. Hadn't thought about that.

    I'd suggest updating the other post or adding comments there so that we have all the required info in one place.

  5. I don't have ready access to a firearms range, but I can shoot my air rifles in the back yard. Would it be acceptable to enter using a .177 caliber air rifle rather than any of my .22 rimfire rifles? I could follow all other rules easily.

    P.S. I use my air rifles for squirrel hunting. 🙂

  6. Sure, that would be fine. The object of this was to get people shooting. For fun and for marksmanship. From what I've seen of air rifle competitions, it won't surprise me if you win.

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