Why Kill Bin Laden?

If you had 24 Navy Seals and one unarmed older man, why kill him? Because he’s a bad man? For that matter, if you want to kill him, why not just bomb the compound, why risk your best, highly trained assets just to go in and execute the target? Then while you were doing this, you turned off the cameras for 25 minutes, didn’t release any photos, and you immediately dumped the body at sea?

I’d say that makes it all pointless. I will tell you what makes more sense. You blacked out the politicians back home, they only saw the start of the mission, because they couldn’t keep quiet about anything. You go in, you kill anyone with a gun, you wound his wife, and you take Bin Laden to the ground, fire two shots very close to him so his wife thinks he’s been shot, inject him with a fast acting sedative, then bail out of there with a live Bin Laden.

A live Bin Laden? That’s an asset that would be worth a lot of risk. That’s an man worth a lot more alive than dead, and having him in a situation where he knows the world believes him dead means that the only bargaining chips he has are information.

There’s no doubt in my mind they got him, one way or another, and maybe it went down like they told us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out they had taken him alive and squeezed every morsel of intelligence out of him.

Hey, wanna see my nifty tinfoil hat?

I am as innocent regarding any conspiracy as any of you gentlemen in the room.
–Jack Ruby


9 thoughts on “Why Kill Bin Laden?

  1. I will only believe a direct, first person account of one of the SEALS who was actually there and has the documentation in his records to prove it. Everything else is puppet theater. Now who's got the tin foil hat?

  2. My personal guess is that until the helicopter crashed Plan A was to grab him up without any evidence that we were there.(what done afterward may be a question)

    When there was going to be clear evidence that the “US wuz here” we then when to the pre-rehearsed Plan B shoot him in the head and bring the body.

  3. I doubt any soldier would have been very happy to take the son of a motherless goat alive, have him tried on US soil by US law created for US civilians, and have him found “not guilty” on a technicality, and released.

    I think he probably is dead. And I'd bet anything he was buried at sea with an opened can of Spam in the sack with him.

  4. Why kill him? Because it was personal — and on the Left where our Prez is, “The personal is political”…so there was a political value to extract. I think he had passed his sell-by date and was old news, other Al-Q were doing their own thing…

  5. Did you REALLY want him tried in a civilian court by Holder? Odysseus is probably a LOT closer to the truth than any of us know.

  6. Since I just got myaluminum foil deflector beanie back from the shop, can I go on for a minute?

    Why do we know anything about this mission? These guys specialize in the blackest of the black ops: get in, slit a few throats, get out. We shouldn't know a thing – we just never see another video starring Bin Boy again. In my vision, a reporter asks the doofus press secretary “what happened in Pakistan last night?” and he says, “we have no idea, but we're trying to find out” or some BS like that.

    Now abandoning part of the helicopter makes that harder. The reporters would say, “the Chinese are saying that's a US helicopter, unlike anything they've ever seen”, and a competent administration would say, “we can neither confirm nor deny…”. Or maybe not. Maybe the Chinese just pay off the locals, put the secret helicopter parts on a truck and ship it back to their reverse engineering labs.

    Instead, we're getting the Ted Mack amateur hour. Anybody with an IQ above the freezing point knows that as soon as word got out that his compound was raided, everyone on Bin Boy's Rolodex bugged out from where they were. “The biggest intelligence treasure trove ever”? The biggest collection of arguably stale intelligence.

    Now maybe it makes life easier for the guys in the black cube to figure out who's on first and maybe it makes it easier to find people, but it would have been many times easier if the mission was kept secret.

    Inescapable conclusion to me: it's all for political gain. The idjits at 1600 Pennsylvania don't know how to conduct real operations and won't allow the grown-ups to run things. That means the chances that he's alive on a rotisserie somewhere being grilled for secrets isn't very good. Not with these guys. That's too advanced for them. Requires too much competence.

    “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”.

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