The New Serfs

The Smallest Minority has a post up reporting that nearly 50% of the people in Detroit can’t read. He didn’t make up those numbers, they come from a report by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund, an organization funded by a combination of governmental and private money.

It isn’t just the loss of manufacturing and the crumbling buildings that doom Detroit. When the system fails to educate children at this rate, it isn’t a mistake. It’s a deliberate course of action with a predictable result.

Truly, if our education system had been foisted on us by a foreign power, it would have been an act of war.
–Kevin Baker, The Smallest Minority


2 thoughts on “The New Serfs

  1. Ah, Detroit.
    Home. Land of my birth and childhood.
    Long time gone … both me and the place I was raised.

    Difference is, I'm in a different location.

  2. Ahhh, Detroit, where the weak are killed and eaten…

    Seriously, only 50% are illiterate? I would have thought anyone with any sense had abandoned Detroit already, leaving almost complete illiteracy. All they need to know is how to recognized a “D” on the ballot and where to line up for their freebies.

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