Navy SEALs

Let’s be clear, Pr. Obama might have given the order, but he didn’t get Osama. In the end, it was a team of Navy SEALs that accomplished the mission. That mission came at the end of an effort involving hundreds of people in the intelligence and military communities.

The SEALs would probably preferred to have not been mentioned by name. You haven’t heard from them. They are not being interviewed. Everything we know, or think we know, about the execution of Osama Bin Laden has come to us courtesy of politicians.

One thing you can learn about is BUD/S training, the initial training that every Navy SEAL undergoes. Here’s an excerpt written by a former member of SEAL Team Six about his experiences in training. It comes from this book.

I can only stand aside and STFU.

As SEALs, though, we believe our surrender would be giving in, and giving in is never an option. I wouldn’t want to be used as some political bargaining chip against the United States.
I wouldn’t want to die in a cage of starvation or have my head cut off for some video to be shown around the world on the Internet. My attitude is that if the enemy wants to kill me, they’re going to have to kill me now.

–Howard E. Wasdin


4 thoughts on “Navy SEALs

  1. These politicians will eventually say too much and get some of these men killed. They need to shut up.

  2. Our local talk radio station interviewed Mr. Wasdin this morning to talk about the bin Laden mission and his book. He sounds like a thoughtful, intelligent, educated, and plain-spoken man who loves his country with everything. Hearing him speak reminds me of hearing Jeff Cooper speak.

  3. I have had the pleasure of working with a SEAL who left the service to complete his education. Somewhere along the line, he had gotten interested in electronics and finished a BSEE while on active duty. He was working on an MSEE and PhD and I was his mentor for a while.

    If I can judge by him, there is no concept of quit in those guy's heads. There is no concept like the whiny “I can't”. There might be, “that didn't work as well as I wanted; I'll change my approach”, but that's about it. It's easy to admire the heck out of them.

  4. As I would hope people would appreciate, this is not as black and white as we might all like. What a fine compliment you make, Graybeard! Thanks.

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