Knowing Leads to Wanting

Lagniappe’s Lair has become one of my regular stops, but I feel completely blindsided and betrayed by this post. He takes new dog Murphy to the vet and while he is waiting he goes to a gun store. So far, so good. Then he drops the hammer on me. He buys a Belgian Mauser, made in 1952, factory chambered in 30.06 Springfield.

(Picture stolen from Lagniappe’s Lair, see the link in the first paragraph for more)

See, the U.S. was giving away surplus M2-Ball ammo by the warehouse full. So much that it made sense to make rifles to shoot it. The Belgians had a run of Mausers built to make use of the windfall. I didn’t know this ever happened. I knew there were Mausers that had been rebarreled and converted to 30.06, but not that there were ever factory production runs.

Now I want. I blame Murphy.

Suffering arises from attachment to desires.
–The 2nd Noble Truth of Buddism


3 thoughts on “Knowing Leads to Wanting

  1. You'll like them if you find one. Just do Gunbroker searched for FN .30-06 Mausers or FN Model 1950 and you'll turn one up.

    The Columbians also had military Mausers in .30-06.

    My favorite though are those from Norway. Norway converted many captured German K98's to .30-06 in their state arsenal and did an excellent job (plus they now bear Norwegian and German markings) but those are rare and expensive. I'm looking, but bidding's stiff on those when they do appear.

  2. Well, I don't recall Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's .30-06 Belgian Mauser being specifically mentioned in the Bible, so you're probably ok coveting it.

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