.22 Challenge

Borepatch spoke of this last week. Here’s the skinny. I picked this target from the free selection at Lucky Gunner. Borepatch is going to give us a distance and a position. His range is the limiting factor.


2 Categories, iron sights or scope.

No time limits.

Any .22 rifle, owned or borrowed, Anschutz to 10-22. No weight, trigger pull, or other restrictions.

This target

25 yards offhand (standing)

5 shots per target, 25 shots total

Post your target on your blog, and send me a link. Or send me your target as an attachment, scanned or photographed. Include the type of sights, your rifle in as much detail as you like, and anything you’d like to say about the shoot. Please score your own target and include that.

Scoring is 2 points in the white center, one point in the black ring, no points outside. This is a hit or miss target. Group sizes from target centers will be used to make a final decision only in the event of a tie.

Scout’s Honor.

Practice as much as you like. The closing date/time will be midnight, Sunday, June 5th, 2011. Send your best target.

If something comes up or someone points out a glaring issue that needs addressing, I will post it here as an update.

Borepatch, link this up too, since you have about 100 times more readers, and let’s see how many shooters we get to participate. This isn’t as good as a gathering, but if it works out, it’s something we could do on a semi-regular basis.

Competition is very good… as long as its healthy. It’s what makes one strive to be better.
–Christine Lahti


4 thoughts on “.22 Challenge

  1. I suggest prone, bipod for me; everyone else has to stand, one hand and close dominant eye shooting over oposing shoulder while standing on head.
    Sound good?
    Color me in, ASM- thanks. You, too, Borepatch.
    Shy III

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