A Reminder From the Enemy

From Arab News, Saudi Arabia’s English language newspaper comes this short report. It’s a reminder that we are at war, a declared war. We didn’t declare it, they did, back in 1996.

We mostly ignored it. Lots of people want to ignore it now.

That bumper sticker is a fantasy. We are at war with an enemy that is fueled by an ideology of absolute hatred for anything that is not part of their belief system. We can not negotiate, we can not retreat, we can only win or lose.

When terror comes, they will seek peace, but there will be none.
–Ezekiel 7:25, New International Translation


2 thoughts on “A Reminder From the Enemy

  1. I see those around town. I keep saying, “you're telling the wrong guy to coexist – I'm not the one who's going to behead you if you don't do as I say”.

    Someone was selling these at our local gun show. Should have stuck one of those on my car.

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