Truth Justice and the American Way

I remember this show, although it was probably already in reruns when I watched it. Superman stood for all that was good and right and incorruptible. He was always a hero.

But Superman is a cartoon, drawn and written by people, and time has marched on. So Superman has come to this.

The spirit of Superman is great to have around.
–Brandon Routh


7 thoughts on “Truth Justice and the American Way

  1. Comment left on the article in the link:
    “I hope that Superman understands that by renouncing his US citizenship, he will no longer be allowed in our country without proper documentation. If the President had any balls, he would ensure that Clark Kent is denied a visa. He certainly can't be given a passport – because a passport is issued by the government to which the individual belongs. The last I heard, Krypton isn't issuing passports. Without any national citizenship, Superman will be considered a security threat to every government on earth. I doubt he had authorization to be in Tehran to attend the protests anyway, which is the event that acted as catalyst for this decision. This means that Superman, a US Citizen, was already in contradiction of the laws of our country. You cannot just fly to Iran (to which the US government restricts visas) whenever you want, Superman. We have laws in this country. If you cannot abide by those laws then you are not worthy of citizenship. Maybe you should take up residence in Mexico. They don't give a damn about our laws either. Either way, why don't you just go back where you came from. Oh, that's right. Your parents and kinfolk – – indeed, everyone from your home planet, are DEAD. Well, I hear that Neptune is nice this time of year. Goodbye, Clark.”

    Well said!

  2. You have to remember that being an elitist and part of this “new world odor”, rules don't apply to him. He was and is the founding member of the “just us” league.

  3. And now that he belongs to the world, maybe he'll quit saving so many people, especially in the US. Our medical technology, that was developed from resources stolen from the developing world, has increased life-spans to an unsustainable degree. We're living so long, consuming irreplaceable fossil fuels, and spewing-out greenhouse gases with every breath. It's completely unfair to the rest of the world and the only solution is for more of us Americans to die sooner. Thank goodness Al Qaeda is beginning to effectively deal with this problem. With Al Qaeda's help, the Mexican drug cartels also show promise. If only those damn Governors and Sheriffs in Arizona could be dealt with things would begin moving forward.

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