A Promise I Hope To Never Keep

I got an email from my son overseas earlier today, asking for coffee and a chess set. At the end of it, he added this request.

Just a thought – if something does happen to me, god forbid, don’t let them do all that pomp and ceremony that they want to do. I don’t want a military funeral. Just cremate me and sprinkle my ashes in some gunpowder and bring some friends of mine to burn through the ammo.

I can do that, if it comes down to it. He and I had some fine times at the range together, and it would make as much sense as anything, which in that event would be no sense at all. So I gave him my word. I just don’t ever want to have to keep it.

No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “A Promise I Hope To Never Keep

  1. To what Borepatch said, I have to add that a funeral that honors the last wishes of the deceased is the most comfort of all. I have buried many a loved one, including my son. May God bless and keep your son safe so you are never faced with keeping this promise.

  2. I told him I might not be able or willing to stop a funeral, as funerals are for the living, after all, but I would see to the main part of his request.

    If things go as they should, he (and his brothers) will have to tend to me after my time comes.

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