Gun Control Kills

A man breaks up a fight in a McDonald’s. For intervening he was shot and killed a few minutes later. He was unarmed. The criminal that murdered him had a gun.

Gun control made sure that the law abiding citizen had no means to defend himself. Since the criminal was a criminal the gun control laws did not apply to him. He had chosen to be armed and managed to procure a firearm and ammunition.

IN BRITAIN! That’s right, the unpossible happened. The fight took place in a McDonald’s in London. For all of the gun control laws, on an island, the bad guy still had a gun. Gun control only disarms the law abiding, making them the guaranteed victims of those to whom the laws do not apply.

Gun control is a job-safety program for criminals.
–John R. Lott


5 thoughts on “Gun Control Kills

  1. This must be some vast right-wing pro-gun conspiracy. There's no way this actually happened. Handguns are illegal in England. How could this man have possibly been shot by one?

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