Bag Day Followup

I know all of you have been waiting for this. I have been waiting for a chance to get to the range and finally got there this afternoon with the Savage Mark II. Shooting from the bench at 50 yds. I used Olin white box match ammo to get it sighted in. Then I did groups of 5. With the ammo that seemed to perform best I did groups of 10. I had six kinds of ammo to try, not a huge number, but one stood out.

I like the rifle and the scope. For an out of the box trigger, it hard to argue with what Savage has done putting the Accutrigger in a .22 rifle. The scope is a Bushnell, bright enough for the low light conditions on a rainy afternoon, and very forgiving on eye relief. It looks like this.

My skills are what they are, so the spread in this group says more about me than anything, but it looks like I will be competitive in the upcoming CMP Sporter Matches. This is 10 rounds of Wolf Performance Match Extra hand held from the bench at 50yds.

Next time I take it to the range it will have a sling and I will be practicing from prone and sitting.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.
–Wyatt Earp


3 thoughts on “Bag Day Followup

  1. Oh, crap! I might have to practice sitting now too. It looks like shark cartilage capsules are in my future (either that or buying expensive coffee will be – but probably both). I can't believe it didn't like the Olin Match Ball crack that you have stock piled? I may have to begin practicing Jedi Mind shooting Tricks.

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