Tam Makes the Big Time

Tam posted a link about the Village Voice quoting her in a review of Atlas Shrugged-The Movie. So I had to follow the link. The article is a poke in the eye, but Tam already has that covered.

I want to mention the “related content” links at the end of the article. Because somehow a story about a vibrator shaped like Pr. Obama qualifies as related content to an article about “Rightbloggers” and Atlas Shrugged.

Meanwhile, if you want the best piece of Obama memorabilia yet, it’s available here. It costs $20, or you can get a family and friends 5 pack for $90. Using one would make you feel like America, only with the option to use lube.

I call my vibrator the Elmo, because you know, like, tickle me Elmo.

2 thoughts on “Tam Makes the Big Time

  1. In 100 years, one of those will show up on the Antiques Roadshow and appraised for thousands of dollars.

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