One of the Pleasures of Blogging

One of the pleasures of blogging is visiting a site for the first time and finding your blog already in the sidebar. That just happened, and so to reciprocate, Troublesome Times joins the blogroll. He’s only been blogging since March, so if you hurry, you can read them all while they are still current. I think this one might be his best so far.

UPDATE: North joins the blogroll by commenting on this post. If I’m on your blogroll and you’re not on mine, leave me a comment.

UPDATE 2: Preachers and Horse Thieves asks to join the list. He made a serious effort to do the actual math on the budget negotiation in this post. If my cows and teacups didn’t explain it well enough, hit that link. He gets to the same conclusion. UNSUSTAINABLE.

UPDATE 3: Bells A Ringing chimes in. She has three good posts in a row. The most current one also talks of unsustainable spending, the one before that is a range report, and the best of the three is this one, memories of her dad.

UPDATE 4: Even though no one looks back here, I visited all the sites and added everyone who left me a comment to the blogroll.

I read blogs every day, for all sorts of reasons, but I turn to blogs especially when I want to hear alternative viewpoints…
–Jim Buckmaster


12 thoughts on “One of the Pleasures of Blogging

  1. This sort of drives me crazy. I guess it shouldn't – I keep telling people to email me if they blogroll me, and most don't.

    Not sure why it bugs me, but it does.

  2. Thanks ASM826! You have been on my roll for a while and I visit each of your new posts.

    Tit for tat is nice (I just wanted to say tit) as it is a link back to me, but unless prompted somehow I don't beg for a link back. My roll is my reading list – prominent on my blog in hope that others will enjoy the blogs that I do.

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