I’d Use Stronger Words

I don’t usually read Pat Buchanan’s columns, but this one dovetails so well with my last post, I couldn’t resist sharing the link. It explains why the Democrats and the Republicans won’t, maybe can’t, comes to terms with the mountain of debt that is going to destroy our economy. Meanwhile, as the article says, the Fed borrows at the rate of $30 billion a week.

I’d use stronger words, or a better analogy if I had one, but I don’t see how anything I say will make any difference. I think there’s going to be an economic catastrophe.

Debt is the worst poverty.
–Thomas Fuller

2 thoughts on “I’d Use Stronger Words

  1. It's closer to $30 billion per day.

    Projected deficit for 2011 is 1.65 trillion or 1650 billion. Divide by 365. That's $45.2 billion. Per day. Even if it's “only” 1.5 trillion, that's over $40 billion per day.

    If that doesn't get a pucker factor, I don't know what will.

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