Doing My Part

Just about everyone is aware of the efforts being made to fight breast cancer. Pink ribbons. Pink products. Bumper stickers like this one.

All well and good, but I just never saw anything I wanted to buy. Until now.

Federal has come out with a special run of target load 12 ga. shotgun shells. The hulls are pink and the boxes are decorated. They claim to be making a donation on each box sold to research, although I don’t know what the amount is. I wrote to Federal and asked, if I get a reply I will post it.

I ordered two cases from Cabela’s today.

Cancer got me over unimportant fears, like getting old.
–Olivia Newton-John

**H/T to Every Day, No Days Off


One thought on “Doing My Part

  1. shhh, don't tell Southern Belle.
    she's been itching to try her hand at shooting trap with my recently repaired Berreta 20 ga.
    There will be no holding her back after this.

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