JayG is Marooned

Marooned has a post up today about Fidelity Investments moving out of Massachusetts. A good move on Fidelity’s part. They leave behind the taxes and regulations that Massachusetts uses to fund their miracle. The thing I find interesting about this post is that it is clear that JayG understands why Fidelity left and agrees with the decision.

Still, for reasons both valid and personal, JayG chooses to continue to live in Massachusetts. In economic theory each of us is a self-interested independent actor making decision that we believe benefit ourselves. So I have decided to do what I can to influence him to choose freedom over continued taxation and restrictions.

I pledge $100.00 to be paid to JayG. upon his move to New Hampshire (or any other state that does not have firearms restrictions like Massachusetts), payable upon his establishing residency in the new state. If I get more than 10 pledges, I will put an tab in the sidebar of this site keeping track of the amount. I don’t want to handle anything, you don’t send me anything, just a comment that indicates your support and commitment to the pledge. If and when JayG moves, we will each be accountable to honor our pledges directly to him. Let’s call it a Random Act of Patriotism™.

Personally, I hope he uses the money to buy a gun.

Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life.
–Mohandas Gandhi


7 thoughts on “JayG is Marooned

  1. He sure is marooned.

    The problem he has is the same that TJIC has – family in the immediate area, deep roots in the community, and maybe the feeling that he shouldn't run from a fight (for gun rights).

    Not sure about that last with Jay; I am sure about the last with TJIC, and the others with Jay.

    Another strategy would be to collect pre-ban AR magazines for him. If we could gather up, say, 100 pre-ban mags (probably doable), the gun grabbers in MA would have heart attacks.

    Up the system, man!

  2. I find it really ironic that in Mass. they are so heavily restricted with their firearms and apparently are taxed to the gills, and it's in Mass. that a little protest against taxation started, something called The Boston Tea Party…..

  3. It's the same for me here – what Borepatch said – in California. You gotta fight it, and we are winning when four different kinds of S&W M&P15 AR's are coming into the state, albeit with a “bullet button.”

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