Here But Now They’re Gone

There’s an oldies station, and I catch a half hour coming home from the dojo two or three times a week. There are just certain songs that I don’t ever need to hear again. Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog will cause my hand to break the sound barrier getting to the buttons. Most 80s and 90s pop music will get me hunting for a different station. Some of it was terrible when it was recorded, some of it didn’t age well, and the rest was played to death.

There are other songs that make me reach over and turn up the volume. We all have them, songs that remind us of youth, of driving too fast on a country road, of being alone with that first true love, going to a concert with a couple of friends. The time slipped away, but the music brings it back for a few minutes. This is one of those songs for me. I’d be interested in yours.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.
–Victor Hugo


12 thoughts on “Here But Now They’re Gone

  1. Ok, you gave me an earworm mentioning that 3 Dog Night song. Had to put on some music to get rid of it. I used to listen to country music on AM radio back then, and most of those artists are now dead or retired, and certainly aren't played on radio anymore.

    I associate certain songs with going to the beach in Florida during the 60's/70's:

    City of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie;

    Proud Mary by CCR;

    Hotel California by the Eagles;

    Fooled Around And Fell In Love by Elvin Bishop;

    Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.

  2. Funny… driving home two hours ago from this weekend's “fun show” set up, on came “Another Brick in the Wall”.

    Cranked that sucker right up.

  3. Nearly anything on Marty Robbins Greatest Hits, Johnny Horton as well. The Dave Clark Five. Dylan. Donovan.
    Those were the days.
    Now that I'm older and have heard music go the way of my country, I listen most to classical now.
    Shy III

  4. For my teenage years:

    Stoned in Love by Journey is a nice one for me.

    Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses is another one.

    If I really want to smile and have fond memories of my early childhood, anything by Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn will do.

    For my wild and crazy 20's, anything by Nine Inch Nails.

    Yes I have an eclectic taste in music

  5. Caitlin always liked The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. Playing 'Cecilia' or 'Scarborough Fair' is a good way to get me to shut the fuck up for a few minutes.

  6. Radar Love – Golden Earring

    Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

    Black Dog – Led Zeppelen

    Money – Pink Floyd

    Tom Sawyer – Rush

  7. Sadly, JWAB is actually titled “Joy to the World”. I remember a friend telling me of it, and thinking – “but it's not even close to Christmas?!”

  8. Dang it, I just lost an entire evening on Youtube!

    And can I just say that the suggestions by your commenters are uniformly excellent. I'd take Southern Belle's Nine Inch Nails and raise it by Johnny Cash's cover of “Hurt”.

    Man, you could do another earworm post on great covers …

  9. “Crazy on You”, by Heart.
    “Fooled around and fell in Love”, by Elvin Bishop.
    “Goodbye to you”, by Scandal
    “I think of You”, by Renaissance
    “Cinnamon Girl”, by Neil Young

  10. BOC is always on my “crank it” list…

    Wouldn't Want to Be Like You – Alan Parsons Project
    Dreamboat Annie – Heart
    She Sheila – The Producers
    Baby Love – Mother's Finest
    Talk to You Later – The Tubes

    …and boatloads of classic country…

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