1911s and a Blogroll Addition

Borepatch has a post up from a few days ago about getting his first 1911. I have thought about him several times and finally decided what I wanted to say. When I first met Borepatch, he lived in Massachusetts. He didn’t own any firearms. He got to go shooting occasionally, but hadn’t tried jumping through all the hoops to get the permission slips necessary to purchase.

Now he lives in a freer place, and his first handgun, the one that sang to him, that spoke of freedom so loudly that he had to have it is a 1911. While he had been away on family business, his wife had already bought a Sig for herself. Now they live where they can get a carry permit, can purchase a gun and ammo without a chit from the State, and they don’t pay taxes in Massachusetts anymore.

This is a victory for freedom. It is also a defeat for Massachusetts.

Now my blogroll addition. I had found this site a few months back and bookmarked it, reading it occasionally. Walls of the City is added to the blogroll with this post about his father’s purchase of a 1911. He titled it “This is an auspicious day” which is very appropriate. Here’s a quote:

My father just purchased a new 1911…and he has a Concealed Weapon License. Congratulations, anti-rights cultists! You helped create your very worst nightmare – a free, responsible, adult human being who is aware of his rights, interested in defending them, and capable of doing so.

Walls of the City understood the import of his father’s purchase in much the same way I understood Borepatch’s. These two decisions, made in different states by people who do not know one another, still are bound together by shared values and ideas.

A free people ought… to be armed…
–George Washington, speech to Congress on Jan. 7, 1790


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  1. Likewise, thanks for the linkage.

    It is little things like this that remind us the anti-rights nuts are thoroughly losing on every front… and we are winning.

    I can live with a step-by-step process like this.

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