USPSA multi-gun. I had a couple of very good stages, high spots in an otherwise average showing. Here I am, earlier today, in the bright sunshine of a Carolina morning.

I got to spend a beautiful day at the range with friends. I got to burn powder and shoot stuff. Pretty much all I could have asked for from a Saturday.

…become good rifle shots so that if it becomes necessary that you defend your families and your country that you can do it.
–Lord Baden-Powell, writing in Scouting For Boys


Local News

If you want to get close to an event, find the local paper. The national msm gives a homogenized report that reads the same everywhere. In this case, getting close means the Tuscaloosa News.
Pictures, articles, and video. Like this one, taken after the tornado passed through.

When a tornado strikes, all of us are at risk.
–Spencer Bachus

Railroad Folklore

There was about a century of history and tradition when this book was published in 1953. The inside of the cover is all logos of the lines, big and small. The acknowledgments page is a who’s who of mid 20th century railroading. But the stories, the stories are of conductors and brakemen, hobos and circus trains, epic disasters and tales of survival.

I bought it for a dollar in a pile of used books. I was looking for books to send to Afghanistan, but this one spoke to me. Great stories, stretching back to the building of the roads. I was entertained and I learned a lot about a part of American history. I don’t think they could have imagined that it would end as soon as it did. They lived in a time when it was still amazing to make a four day transcontinental crossing.

Nothing was more up-to-date when it was built, or is more obsolete today, than the railroad station.
–Ada Louise Huxtable

Okay, So We’ve Seen the Birth Certificate

I don’t care. I didn’t care before. The time to prove eligibility was before the election anyway. Pr. Obama was sworn in and I don’t think you could get this Congress interested in an impeachment if someone proved it was forged, and came up with birth photos from Kenya. It was never a viable issue.

We don’t need it anyway. We have the one and only issue we need. The budget is out of control. We owe, checking the link in the sidebar —>, 14.3 trillion dollars. We’re still spending. Congress is unwilling or unable to effectively balance the budget. It’s going to crush the economy. Sooner or later, we will stop spending. The only question is, do we want to do it in a controlled way, so that we still have some income and the ability to maintain the functions of government that are enumerated in the Constitution, or do we want to keep spending until we crash?

If there’s some serious candidates, for the Presidency and Congress, that want to talk about a balanced budget and a plan to pay down the debt, I want to see them make a plea for my vote. Otherwise, we can let Romney and Trump battle it out for who gets to lose to Pr. Obama in 2012.

We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve.
–Pr. Barack Obama, commenting on the release of his birth certificate