Rush To War ™

Rhymes with Cars and Girls has a series of posts about the left’s sudden blind acceptance of war. I would start with this one and read forward. It asks the questions that no one is asking about the Rush To War ™ in Libya.

Then jump over here and pick out an anti-Obama bumper sticker or T-shirt. This one is my favorite.

Hat tip to Borepatch for pointing out the awesomeness.

We’re not going to baby sit a civil war.
–Barack Obama, commenting on the Iraq War


2 thoughts on “Rush To War ™

  1. Thanks for posting our bumper sticker. It should be noted that at Irregular Times, we're not suddenly or blindly accepting this war. We're questioning it and linking in to a number of anti-war protests organized by groups that are, by the way, on the left. See here, for example.

    Certainly partisan Democrats are toeing the Obama line. But not everyone on the left is a partisan Democrat. I could show you some of our anti-Obama t-shirts as an example…

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