Our Real Strength

Confederate Yankee explains the situation in Wisconsin. Simple, really, why couldn’t my local newspaper have made the situation clear?

Meanwhile, the President is calling the effort to balance the Wisconsin budget “an assault on unions“.

I haven’t been posting a lot of news lately, but this one deserves a moment of outrage. If you were looking for an example of how and why we feel like bit players in Atlas Shrugged, this is it. A State trying to fulfill it’s Constitutional mandate to balance it’s budget, the Federal Executive branch backing the union, with protesters being bussed in from other places, like Chicago.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

We got money from gambling, but our real power, our real strength, came from the unions. With the unions behind us, we could shut down the city, or the country for that matter, if we needed to get our way.
— Vincent Carfaro, mobster, 1988


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