What Is Wrong With This Picture?

The Census data from New Orleans was released yesterday. The population is down by a third since Katrina flooded 80% of the city.

My first thought was, “What’s wrong with the rest of them?”, but after reading more, I realized my question should be “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Day after day we keep hearing that global warming is real, it’s coming, it’s unstoppable, it causes everything from droughts to snowstorms. The oceans are rising, our coastlines are going to join the lost city of Atlantis, monster hurricanes are predicted, and the Army Corps of Engineers is spending 14 billion dollars rebuilding the levees of New Orleans? 14 billion that is a drop in the bucket compared to the money being spent to rebuild the city.

If the U.S. Government believed that global warming, rising sea levels, and bigger hurricanes were real, would they be trying to rebuild a city that is already below current sea levels? Would they construct a levee system that will fill like a swimming pool in a major storm, just like it did last time?

Wouldn’t they be relocating people, cutting off services, and preparing to return New Orleans to swampland? Wouldn’t those dollars be better spent building a new port further up river where some high ground can be found? Al Gore predicted a 20 foot rise in sea levels, if you take him seriously, how can you spend a dime of government money anywhere in New Orleans? Even if you thought he was wrong by a factor of 10, and there was only going to be a 2 foot rise, why would you rebuild?

If you think New York is going to look like this, how do you think we’re going to save New Orleans? Levees wouldn’t do it, you’d need undersea domes.

The only possible conclusion is that the remaining residents of New Orleans and the federal, state, and local governments have rejected the idea of global warming and the inevitable flooding of their city. That gives me hope.

We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur.
–Al Gore


5 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With This Picture?

  1. It's only a matter of time before N.O is under water again. Sad for those that have made it a home, but I think of Sam Kennison, the late comic with “you live in #^&%^@ DESERT!”

  2. It's only a matter of time before N.O is under water again. Sad for those that have made it a home, but I think of Sam Kennison, the late comic with “you live in #^&%^@ DESERT!”

  3. When you live in a world full of bureaucracy and red tape and people in charge that make money from not believing scientific facts, you're going to get situations like these. For one thing, the infrastructure for rebuilding it is already there. You don't have to build a new city on higher ground. To do it the right way would be prohibitively expensive… which wouldn't be an issue if people didn't care about money.

  4. The thing that bugged me the most about Katrina is that (having grown up in the hurricane zone) all my life, every year I can remember, the talking heads would come on TV at the start of the season and say that when, not if, a big hurricane hits NO, the levees will fail, the city will flood, and.. basically everything that happened would happen (minus the stupid politics).

    So when a Cat IV storm is heading for NOLA, do we get a smooth, practiced response of experts doing what they're best at? Did we get the civil equivalent of the Steelers running off tackle, or a special forces mission? No, we got the Keystone Kops. We got the most vidid display of incompetent leadership ever seen by man.

    NO should be abandoned in place. Sea levels have been rising since the end of the last ice age, so until the glaciers restart, they will continue to rise. Only an idiot would build in such a place.

    Oh, wait. We are talking about government here.

  5. Oh so many things… NOLA doesn't believe in globull warming, and they will go fat, dumb and happy to their deaths (and we'll foot the bill yet again)…

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