Heating With Wood

The Adaptive Curmudgeon has a series of posts about deciding to use a wood stove for heat. His observations about the responses he gets from people about it are hilarious. Here’s a link to the first post in the series, you can follow them forward to the current post. I blogrolled him, as this series is a work in progress and I want to see where it goes.

I’ve been heating with wood about 15 years. It’s a fair amount of work, and there will come a time when I will no longer be able to cut and stack it. For now, it is one of the pleasures of my life to have that hot metal box in my home on cold winter evenings.
My favorite story about responses from other people came at a birthday party for one of my kids when they were in junior high. It was warm weather and the stove was being used as a plant stand, and I noticed one of the guests looking at it. She asked what it was and I told her it was a cast iron stove used for heating. The following exchange took place.

“Does it still work?”

“Yes, see that pipe? It runs up into the chimney. You build a fire inside it and the fire heats the metal to provide heat to the room.”

“Do you use it?”

“Yes, in the cold weather. If you look out the window you can see the wood pile I’m getting ready for the fall”.

She looked out the window, looked back at the stove with her hands on her hips, and said, “Well, isn’t that quaint.”

People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.
— Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “Heating With Wood

  1. I've been burning 2 stoves here for 18 years, & I fell, limb, buck, split, & stack all my wood (on site). I'll be 60 this year, & while it's a bit more work now, I gotta agree w/Mr. Einstein.
    My bud, @ 73, buys grapple loads & goes from there- you've got a few years left, I'm thinking.

  2. Until you're no longer able to cut and stack it?

    My uncle heated with wood his entire life. In fact, when they found him dead on his porch, he had a load of wood in his arms… and a smile on his face.

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